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Context Diagram, Current Physical Dataflow Model for the Feasibility Study (slide 18)

The Context Diagram, Current Physical Dataflow Model for the Feasibility Study of Acme Fashion case study, s18
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Context Diagram, Current Physical Dataflow Model

The context diagram will be kept in sync with the top level dfd as analysis work progresses.

Presently it reflects the Context produced during project intitiation and documented in the ToR (Terms of Reference), amended and enhanced with what's been found out so far in producing the top level dfd for the feasibility study (next slide).


Sales orders are taken from retail outlets (customers). The ordered goods are dispatched by courier. A customer can return unsold goods and have their account credited with the value. Sales notify Accounts of all sales and returns so that each customer’s account can be kept up to date.

As stock is depleted, the Stock Control department raise and send purchase orders to suppliers. The orders are received by Goods Inward, who pass them into stock.

Accounts vet all retail outlets who want to sell Acme Fashion Supplies products for creditworthiness and set a credit limit accordingly. The details of customers passing the checks are given to Sales Operations.

Sales Operations pass monthly sales reports to Marketing, used in helping to plan marketing and advertising campaigns. Sales Operations sometimes send out mailshots to customers but it is Marketing who carry out the major campaigns including special offers and seasonal pushes.

As a result of (out of scope) activity by Marketing, a decision is made to carry new stock or discontinue others. For new products, the details are passed to Sales Operations; Stock Control are given supplier and negotiated volume discount details, too. For discontinued items a simple list is given to both.

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