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Non-Functional Aspects, Feasibility Study stage (slide 27)

The developing non-functional aspects for the Acme Fashion case study's Feasibility Study phase, s27
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Non-functional Aspects

Note that there's no entry for a policy on Privacy and the Data Protection Act. If this were to happen in the real world, you'd escalate this as an issue for immediate attention by the business. As policy gets established, you'd then update this section as part of the project.

Physical security

Access to the warehouse, goods in and goods out areas is via secure doors, pin-number controlled. Security cameras cover all entrances, exits and key points.

System security

All PCs have password protected log-ons and staff are supposed to lock their systems when left unattended.

Audit approach

A post-in book is used to record all in-bound post. Each area counts in the number of post-items they action and update the post-in book at the end of the day. This makes sure all items have been dealt with.
Receipts that couriers sign when they accept the parcels for delivery to customers are tied up with the original orders - confirming all orders in are either on back order or have been supplied. A similar approach is used for goods in. All copies of supplier delivery notes and customer returns gets cross checked against the originating paperwork.

Business rules

Ref Name Description of business rule
BR01 Orders from new customers All new customers must be vetted by accounts before any of their orders are processed.
BR02 Stock levels Unless withdrawn, no stock items are to fall to zero holding.
BR03 Credit limit checking Customers are not allowed to exceed their credit limit. If an order would put them over that limit a part-order can be filled. In such situations, the customer is referred to the Accounts department.

Service level agreements

Ref Name Summary of key arrangements
SLA01 Couriers collections Collections are made 4 times per day. Rush collections can be made (requested by phone call) but a higher rate per Kg applies. The response time is 35 minutes, best endeavours.
SLA02 Supplier orders All suppliers use a mixture of their own delivery fleet and couriered post. We have a next business-day delivery agreement with all the major suppliers for urgent items and a 2-day service for all other orders. The clock starts ticking from when they receive our orders but orders received after 4pm are treated as arriving the following business day. Urgent orders usually have to be faxed to a special number.
SLA03 Terms and conditions of sale The full document is held on file as paper copy in the Marketing Department's filing system.


Ref Name Description of target
T01 Time to fill orders All orders are to be processed on the day of receipt, either being filled and handed over to the couriers for delivery or passed back to sales for placing on back order.
T02 Back orders All back orders are to be filled within 10 working days of receipt of initial order.

Document retention policy

Every year, the Accounts department goes through the customer master file, removing items older than 3 years to a document archive store in the department. Files held there are securely destroyed after seven years.

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