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About the Terms of Reference (slide 2)

Intro to the terms of reference for the Acme Fashion case study, s2
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Introduction to the Terms of Reference

The first part of the case study is a set of slides that shows the completed Terms of Reference. This is the one that starts off the Feasibility Study for Acme Fashions.

The terms of reference document defines a formal agreement between the project and the business. It forms the basis of what you, the business analyst, will do, who with, to what timescales, what will be covered (and what not) and what will be delivered.

If you join a project at its outset and no terms of reference document exists, your first task should be to get one written up and signed off. The sign-off authorities should include the project sponsor, project manager and identified stakeholders. That way there can be no chance of misunderstanding and no chance of effort wasted pursuing the wrong things.

If a ToR document does exist, review it and make sure it covers off, at a minimum, the areas shown here - make changes, if necessary and, again, get it signed off.

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