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Resource Estimates section, Terms of Reference (slide 12)

The Resource Estimates section of the Terms of Reference for the Acme Fashion case study, s12
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Resource Estimates

These initial estimates have been derived based on discussions with the Project Sponsor and Ambassador User. They are subject to change and will be refined when the Feasibility Study gets under way.

Consultancy Staff

  • Project manager - 2 days / week for 9 weeks
  • Business analyst - full time for 8 weeks

Acme Fashions staff

  • Stakeholders - 3 days spread over 8 weeks
  • Ambassador user - 2 days / week for 6 weeks
  • Sales Ops mgr - 4 days spread over 6 weeks
  • Some of rest of staff - approx 1 or 2 days spread over 8 weeks

These initial estimates will be given to the Project Manager so that a proper project plan can be built up.

When the feasibility study starts and you get a better understanding, the estimates and project plan can be refined.

Probably the most helpful way to refine the estimates is to consider the number of lowest-level processes you will end up with on the dataflow diagrams. Divide them into simple, medium and complex and then estimate based on the number of each.

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