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Briefing Study: Requirements Analysis and Specification (slide 3)

rass, supplier designs and builds, s3 - intro

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About the sort of environment the study is designed for

This study assumes a data processing setting, which is very different from that of, for example, robotics or real time control. The lifecycle and techniques described here are ideal for a data processing environment but still may be useful to a greater or lesser degree in others.

There are many techniques in the analysis world and many flavours of each. The ones presented here have been through a selection and modification process to ensure they are complementary and maximise the opportunity for cross-validating each other.

Once you've had a look at the techniques, you'll see how they support the analysis and requirements work in Feasibility Study and then the same for the Full Study.

While covering these areas you'll be mindful all the time of the needs of project management in estimating, planning and control.

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