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Briefing Study: Requirements Analysis and Specification (slide 23)

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Where next after this briefing study?

If you've found this briefing study helpful, some of the other areas you might consider learning about and brushing up on, are:

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Good Practice tip

Investigate to one level of detail too far

If you do this, you'll improve your "get it right first time" score. By roughly understanding at the "level too far" you're bound to get it right at the level you are really working to, the one you document things at.

You also stand a really good chance of uncovering any devils that lie hidden in the detail - no-one likes surprises, not you and especially not the project manager.

This helps minimize them and/or give everyone early warning.

Don't forget to escalate any to the PM that may have a significant impact on the project right away. And log them in the project's risk register.