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This image: Evening Rookery : rookery-crows-flying.jpg

Evening Rookery - rookery-crows-flying.jpg
Evening Rookery
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Service Area Rookery

Spring, late evening. Stopped for a break from driving on the motorway - Gordano service station and the crows return to their nests, built high in the trees, signifying a hot summer.

Why did they choose the trees at the edges of the service station for their rookery? Simple - a steady supply of food. Try parking close to a bin, away from the main hustle and bustle and you can see quite a phenomenon. Crows are extremely intelligent birds and they have developed a way of getting food out of the bins.

They perch on the lip of the bin and grab some bin-liner from inside in their beaks. They pull up, lift a claw and stand on the bin-liner just lifted. They repeat this until the conents of the bin are within reach, tossing aside the cardboard and wrappers and making off with the prize of a piece of discarded chicken leg, bun or burger.


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