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This image: Lenkiewicz Murel
In Decline : robert-lenkiewicz-murel.jpg

Lenkiewicz Murel <br>In Decline - robert-lenkiewicz-murel.jpg
Lenkiewicz Murel
In Decline
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Lenkiewitcz Murel

Did Robert Lenkiewitcz realise the transient nature of this murel when he painted it? As the original richly coloured scene, depicting and also immersed in the history of the locale (and using as models a number of local dignatories from the homeless community) began to decay, the City Forefathers jumped to the rescue.

So quick was their response that only two (or was it four?) years after the plaster first started to flake off, they came up with a solution that would endure. So important to local history, such a rich commentary on today's society, such a beautifully painted murel, the city fathers gave it their all and paid for these wooden battens to be pinned to the wall to stop more flakes coming off.

Well done to Plymouth City Council for protecting our heritage for our children and our childrens' children to enjoy.


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