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This image: Rocks and
Daylight Moon : rocks-and-moon.jpg

Rocks and <br>Daylight Moon - rocks-and-moon.jpg
Rocks and
Daylight Moon
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You can almost reach out and touch the texture of the slate in this photograph. The oblique angles, caused by the heaving of the earth when these rocks were young, point blue-skyward. They point to the moon, their sister of the skies. The rocks of both sharing in common the eons of history that have passed since their birthing.

The one, lonely and looking down, surveying all beneath, seemingly stealing a peek when it should be tucked up in bed. The other - immersed for now in family squabbles, being climbed on and generally getting intimate with the human species. How long? How long before it has to cast its mind back to remember those quaint, brightly coloured, noisy creatures who used to amuse it so - albeit so very briefly?


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