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The Party Art category covers art forms found in nightclubs, discos, outdoor festivals and more formal events. These can be backdrops, trompe l'oeil,
props, themes and sets, lighting effects and artistic fancy dress.
This image: Tutankhamen Death Mask : tutankhamen-backdrop.jpg

Tutankhamen Death Mask - tutankhamen-backdrop.jpg
Tutankhamen Death Mask
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The death mask of Tutankhamen rendered on a party backdrop. It was in the third coffin of the nest of coffins in his tomb and is made of solid gold, inlaid with glass, lapis lazuli and other semi-precious jewels.

The previous Pharaoh, Akhenaten, who is thought likely to have been Tutankhamen's father - though Amhenotep III is in the frame, too, had introduced a monotheistic religion, focusing on the one god Aten. Once he had died, and after a time of politicking and intrigue, the old pantheon of gods and their priesthoods were returned to their previous status under Tutankhamen (born Tutankhaten, but changed to Tutankhamen as the old religion returned).


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